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Why work with GKE?

If you are seeking a reliable partner for thedelivery of top-notch homestay services in Canada, you have found the rightplace.


Hosts within GKE undergo a meticulous screeningprocess, which includes reference checks, criminal record checks, andinterviews. This thorough vetting aligns with the elevated standards and bestpractices endorsed by educators and professional associations throughoutCanada.


GKE establishes connections between students andtheir Canadian hosts before their initial meeting. The application and matchingprocess ensures an optimal pairing between students and hosts from the outset. GKEis also dedicated to facilitating new student-host pairings, should the needarise, in a seamless and conflict-free manner.


GKE offers students and their hosts continuousfirst-language support, 24/7/365. GKE counselors are skilled and committedprofessionals who appreciate the cultures and languages of our students,understanding the excitement and challenges of traveling and living abroad.

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