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Holistic Support System

Ensures a comprehensive support system for students, offering cultural adaptation training, prioritizing student well-being, and providing continuous follow-up services throughout their entire study abroad experience.

Expert Service Team

Boasts a team of seasoned professionals, including experienced study abroad consultants, visa experts, and proficient language tutors. This guarantees students receive precise and timely information, coupled with dedicated support.

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Personalized Services

Excel in delivering personalized services by crafting study abroad plans that cater to individual needs and interests. This ensures that students embark on a unique and enriching journey tailored to their academic and personal aspirations.

About GKE

Your Partner in Cultivating International Educational Success

We are passionate about unlocking the full potential of international education. Our team, enriched with years of industry experience, is dedicated to shaping unique educational paths for every student and host family we work with. We believe in fostering global connections and cultural exchange, creating enriching experiences that extend beyond traditional learning. Our commitment lies in offering personalized guidance, ensuring that each journey is as unique as the individuals we serve. With a focus on quality and a heart for education, we are your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic world of international education. Join us in redefining educational boundaries.

Kate Yang

Canada-based Team


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I sincerely appreciate GKE's dedication tocreating a positive and nurturing Homestay experience for internationalstudents like me. Your efforts have truly made a significant impact on myacademic journey, and I am grateful for the invaluable support.

Camila López


Thank you,GKE, for being an integral andinvaluable part of my transformative Canadian adventure, providing unwaveringsupport and contributing to the richness of my experiences.

Hassan Mohammadi


The individualized care, efforts towardscultural integration, and round-the-clock support have created a home-likeatmosphere for me. This not only promotes a favorable studying environment butalso instills a profound sense of belonging in a foreign country.

Martin Nghipandulwa


GKE has played a pivotal role in ensuring asmooth and enriching experience throughout my stay. The careful selection of myhost family, the warm and supportive environment, and the continuous assistancehave greatly contributed to my successful academic endeavors in Canada.

Ziwei Li


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